10 Jul 2018

3 Things You Must Do When You Visit Guadalajara with Smart Web Vacations

Guadalajara is the capital of Jalisco located on the western side of Mexico. It has a variety of major tourist attraction sites rich in the Mexican culture. This is a list of things you should expect when you visit Guadalajara:

1. Visit the Centro Historico

There is too much history in Mexico, and the rich culture of the region should be proof enough. If you want to learn more about the profoundness of the Mexican culture, you should pay a visit to this historical center. It is an iconic building that holds extensive information on the cultural and political aspects of the country. The Centro Historico should be the first place to visit to gain knowledge on the foundational virtues that hold the culture of Mexicans together ever since the revolution.

2. Don’t miss out on tasting the surprisingly delicious food and drinks in Guadalajara
Most people usually are scared to try out local food when in a foreign country. Well, don’t miss out on this chance because the food especially in the Jalisco state of Guadalajara, is exceptionally scrumptious with every ingredient hitting all the taste buds in your tongue. Exquisites such as the torta ahogada (sandwiches stuffed with pork and tomato sauce) and the birria are such a delightful dishes you should have.
Tequila is also very popular in Guadalajara may be because it is near the town of Tequila. This is another golden chance that should not pass you mostly when there is even free tasting on the menu.

3. You have to see bullfights
Every weekend, the Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso arena hosts one of the best bullfight tournaments in Mexico. The stadium is always packed to capacity with locals and a few tourists. Everyone usually is anxious to see the exhilarating performance of the bulls and the matadors.

Guadalajara has an all rounded town with a wholesome feature you are assured to enjoy. It is one of the few cities that has developed and still managed to preserve its cultures and traditions. When you visit Guadalajara, there is a long list of high-end restaurants and hotels you can enjoy. But if you want to experience the Mexican life, you should be hands-on and hit the theatres while ordering takeouts of delicacies from the street vendors.

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